04 9월 2008

Yup, I'm posting elsewhere. Email me if you want the details.

30 8월 2008

A blog that was basically about hashing and living in Seoul doesn't do much good for someone who no longer lives in Seoul and doesn't hash much anymore. Guess it's time to end. Thanks guys, but I won't be posting here anymore.

24 8월 2008

Defying The Laws of Physics

The Mystery Spot is maybe the coolest thing EVER. No joke. Usually I have to use my superpowers to defy the laws of physics, but here all I had to do was show up! I've been dying to visit ever since I first heard of it so on Wednesday Gaylord and I hopped in Einstein and cruised our way up (or down, or East, or maybe West...you guys know me and directions!) to the beautiful redwood forests just outside of Santa Cruz. It was a fun ride with lots of singing and dancing and minimal bruising, and I got to see more big trees which I just can't get enough of. :-)
The Mystery Spot is about 150 feet in diameter and what makes it so cool is that within the spot THE LAWS OF PHYSICS DO NOT APPLY!!! Seriously!! You can't tell cause I'm a shitty photographer, but in the above picture everyone in the tour is leaning at about a 17 degree angle, because it's impossible to stand up straight!! That's Gay Gay in the hash T shirt, watching the guide demonstrate how gravity is all fucked up inside the spot. He would put a pool ball on a sloped piece of wood, let it go, and it would roll UPHILL!! I should also mention that Gay received an A+ in audience participation during the tour. It's one of the few times I've seen him excited about anything that wasn't on 2 wheels, even though now that we're back he's too cool to blog about it. Or share the 6 gazillion pictures and videos he took (hint, hint).

You can climb up a ladder just like it were steps. It was so awesome! And they had cement blocks that were totally level, but when you stood on them you got taller!! OK, I'm not explaining that very well, but Gaylord and I stood next to each other on them and I WAS TALLER THAN HIM!!! I don't think he liked it very much, but I could've stayed like that forever. :-)
Lots of theories on the spot, but of course I'm sticking to the ones involving aliens and UFOs. Check out the interweb for more info. mysteryspot.com mofos!!

23 8월 2008

Albino Squirrels Freak Me Out

Did you guys know that if you do an internet search for cripple porn one of the first things that comes up is a picture of albino squirrels humping? They're freaky little bastards! A bunch of stuff for The Special Olympics comes up, too. How gross is it to think about some big, sweaty dude jerking off to pics of Corky??? Grossness, indeed.

I'm off to bed. Goodnight.

Joel is using an enormous amount of curse words to remind me who I am. I love him so much right now!!


My room is in desperate need of a cleaning. Not exactly how I wanna spend my day off, but I guess I'll work on it until I get a better offer.

Or at least until the creepy fog and mist clear and I can get outside. Or until Gaylord wakes his stayed out too late on a bicycle pub crawl ass up and brings me coffee, cause it's his turn to deliver the Starbucks.

Wouldn't mind seeing Tropic Thunder...

Also need to hit the gym...

Need to get off the internets and clean my room...


Muir, Part Deux

Wednesday morning I got my ass out of bed and went for a fairly long (long for me, anyway) run through my new neighborhood. After that, I jumped into Einstein and cruised over to Cafe Trieste in Sausalito to meet my buddy Matt for an early lunch before we headed over to Muir. Turns out that Cafe Trieste has amazing pizza. It also turns out that Cafe Trieste is NOT the same thing as the Sausalito Taco Shop, which is where I thought we were meeting. Oops.

We spent a few hours cruising through Muir Woods on a trail I hadn't been on yet. I forget the name of the trail, but I could easily find it again. My appreciation for Muir just grows and grows everytime I'm there.
After Muir we headed to our respective homes, showered up (well, he did anyway, I just stayed dirty), met again at my place where we hung out for a bit with my roommate Lucy, and then we went down to the Beach Chalet for some wings, garlic fries, and Presidio IPAs.

22 8월 2008

Muir Woods

While KBS was here, we took a cruise through Sausalito, stopped for a long brunch with too many mimosas and bloody mary's, and then headed over to Muir Woods. It was my first time there, and I loved it! I even obeyed the "quiet zone" signs and didn't say one word for 10 whole minutes!!

Muir Woods has quickly become my go to place when I'm feeling like I need to get out of the city, which means I've been spending a lot of time there recently.

The last pic is of me trying to hide from KBS. I didn't know until I saw the picture that I wasn't nearly as sneaky as I thought I was being! :)

Just Getting Caught Up...

So things here haven't gone exactly as I'd hoped they would, but I guess that's life and, really, what fun would life be if everything went according to plan? And, really, when has my life EVER gone according to plan anyway?? :-)

But (!!!!) it hasn't been all suck. KBS came to visit, which was awesome, because I looooove him, so we spent some time exploring the city a little, drinking, eating more Korean food, singing ballads at karoake...he hasn't sent me any pictures yet (hint, hint) but here's a few I took.

Korean Food With Tony

Went to Brothers Korean restaurant on Geary Street with my buddy Tony. I was soooo excited to discover that they had yummy chicken goodness (translated into English as "Chicken Casserole") on the menu, and ordered it right away. They served it much differently than in Korea when Joel and I would order it. It didn't even look like the same thing, though it tasted almost the same. It made me miss Joel terribly. I couldn't even eat the third leg (only Joel will get that...hahahahaha).

So we got the chicken stuff, the typical grilled meat, all the awesome side dishes, and paid a small fortune for what would have cost us about man won each in Korea. I tried to finish the meal off with some makolli, but they didn't have any. :-(

Did we go out after we finished dinner??? I can't remember...

These are some old photos from a walk on the beach we took one morning after breakfast. My new apartment is pretty close to this beach, so I've been riding my new road bike down there pretty often. My new apartment is also close to the Beach Chalet, which has yummy food and brews its own beers. Lately, my bike rides have been including a few Presidio IPAs as well. :)

23 7월 2008

Droppin' the hammer!

Well, today I finally convinced Gaylord to take me to the range and "shoot some rounds".

So he finally woke up from being lazy and we put the guns in Einstein. He was rolling down the road thinking he was some kind of bad car cause he was packing. It was funny. So we got to the range and Gaylord loaded the .45 and the .9mm and he gave me some talking to about safety, the range and how to aim the gun and fire a shot. My first shot today was loud and surprising. He had to tap me and remind me to focus for just one second. I fired off with the .45 and this is what my target looked like. It was cool. Now I'm going to tell him to take me all the time till I can shoot like Angelina Jolie in her movies. :D

So here are some photos:
That's me with my first time with the . 45 and not listening to Gaylord. He says if I had listened better the holes would be way closer together. I don't know if this is true, though. :)

The second photo is of me in full action.

And the last one is Gaylord's target (the red circle shows his .45 shooting at a very far distance)
We then took turns trying to shoot the "perp" as I was told is what they call that guy with the gun. I was trying to hit the girl though, but I don't shoot well, so I just kept hitting the bad guy.
Oh well, she should have known better than to hang out with a bad element that looks like Gaylord. hahahahahaha

13 7월 2008

work work work

Well, here I am, and I've been working bunches this week...although the bar is going pretty slow at the moment. I keep hearing, wait till Football season starts! (but that is not for another 2 months or so) Not a good thing in this line of business. Gaylord is still charging me the 10 percent nominal fee...so I gotta makes me some money to pay off the pimp! hahahahaha j/k mom.

The weather has been better, and hotter. I think I am going to have my mountain bike shipped out to me, and then I can try and spank Gaylord on the trails, although he is super fast and strong and the most awesomest rider ever, so I doubt I will be able to do it. :(

We've gotten on a kick of cooking corned beef hash with eggs in the morning, and it is way cheaper than going to my favorite diner to buy it. Even though we still do that on occasion. Yesterday we bought out the whole corned beef hash stock at the Asian Supermarket.

I will update more later.

09 7월 2008

Updates, Updates, Updates...

Hmmm...let's see. What can I offer you guys as an update? I could post more Yosemite pics, but let's face it, if you've seen one tree you've pretty much seen them all. Which is to say that I'm feeling a bit too lazy right now to go to the trouble of uploading them.

I have purple hair now, but don't have any pictures to post.

I did my part for pride week by volunteering at the gay pride 10K...never in my life have I seen such fuss about what size Tshirts would fit the best. Let me just say that most of the boys who went with a size small should have opted for a medium or large!

I spent the 4th with an old friend from PA who now lives in San Jose. Jeffy and I had a wonderful time having some beers and catching up in the Castro. I forgot my ID, so we actually got booted out of 2 places, but it was still fun.

And really, that's about it.

Boring, I know. Hopefully there will be a fun post and some fun pics next week, when we have some visitors coming into town. :-)

03 7월 2008

Here's a bunch of pics from our first 10 minutes in Yosemite. Seriously, we took sooooo many pictures! It was my first time there and I loved it so much I was just constantly clicking away with the camera, until someone took it away from me. :)

I'll post photos of our campsite and the rest of the trip later. If you've never been to Yosemite, put it on your list of must-see places. It was really amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I'm gonna go back next week.